International Precision Engineering, Inc. specializes in developing scientific instruments for industrial research and quality control applications. Our seasoned instrument makers are the pride of the company.

Frequently we are asked to evaluate quality control processes that are critical to a manufacturing process as we, unlike other consulting-only firms, are not limited by the availability of commercially available components. Our extensive background in Precision Engineering, Metrology, and high tolerance manufacturing provides us the unique ability to deeply understand a manufacturing process, recognize faults or short comings, and draw a list of probable improvements. Then our successes in system development, instrumentation, and prototyping help to identify the most viable options and, most importantly, realize the solution.

Developing precision systems with tolerances below one part per million involves solid knowledge of engineering fundamentals and a vast breadth of advanced techniques. Many times the solution is born out of previous experience; for this reason we are humbled and lean heavily on the Precision Engineering community. Our largest asset reaches beyond our highly specialized employees and includes International Precision Engineering's extended network of seasoned engineers, metrologists, chemists, designers, fabrication experts, ect.